Exchanging Money in Prague

To me, it's never a good sign when a business has to shout so hard to get you in the door. Yes, they exchange money. But they also will take you for a ride if you're not watching. Use a bank instead.

Summer Puddle in Prague

We've had our share of rain this summer, that's for sure. This pigeon on Wenceslas Square doesn't seem to mind though.

Statues on Buildings in Prague

Is it just me, or seemingly every building in Old Town has some sort of statue on it? Okay, I exaggerate, but these urban details definitely set the city apart from others.

It's just too bad modern buildings can't be constructed with personality like many of the older buildings. Even the early 20th century buildings seem to possess a depth and stature that isn't remotely noticeable in newer buildings. Ah, I digress... anyways....

Water's Edge

Last week the Vltava River swelled with our warmer temperatures. Spots on Kampa Island were quite high as well. Of course, it wasn't a flood - but eerie nevertheless.

In this photo you can see the water at the wall's edge. This is the embankment with Manes gallery in the background. This is actually a great place to walk, feed the swans and see the river at a different perspective. You can also see Prague Castle through the trees. And, if you have time, by all means check out the PLAY exhibition at the gallery. It's intended for children, but it's fun for all people. It's a wonderful blend of exploration, art and imagination. It's been extended to 20 Feb 2011. Manes Gallery.

If you walk along the embankment you can see plenty of other sights too including Prague's famous Dancing House nearby.

Sidewalks in Prague


I don't know about you, but it's a great feeling to have sidewalks that look like this in the city where we live. Yes, I'm talking about sidewalks! But, c'mon, the sidewalks in Prague are fantastic, no?

I love to stop and watch when workers are on hands and knees doling out the sand and little cubes to set this magic in place. This particular pattern seen above is one of the more ornate ones in the city. This is just between the National Theatre and Charles Bridge opposite of the Vltava. Wow.
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Winter Scene

An earnest fountain in Vojanovy Sady, frozen but still going. We'll have to come back in the spring when this bench will be much more inviting.
We've had a pretty cold winter thus far and someone said that January should be snowy. Yeah!
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