Prague's Hunger Wall


One of the most interesting sights in Prague. The Hunger Wall. Follow it's path up Petrin, find the secret garden nearby and climb the little Eiffel tower for incredible views.

Josef Capek

The very last week to see this Josef Capek exhibition. It's a shame though. It was very impressive and touches on so many levels of humanity, art, history and political culture.

Snow, Snow and More Snow

There's nothing like a snowfall - wherever you are. It brings an infinite number of moments to experience. Snow in Prague is no different, but there's certainly a different feeling among the streets and people when it snows. Moods seem to lighten, and how can they not? It's just so beautiful to see snow covering the red tiled roofs and trees of Petrin.

I suggest taking a moment to walk through Petrin when there's snow on the ground or ideally when it's falling. Take a moment to just stop and take it all in - a quiet snowfall and snowy rooftops of Prague are a lasting impression.

And if you're game enough, walk all they way through the park down to Ujezd. From Ujezd you can grab one of many trams, visit a variety of great restaurants or continue walking across the Legii bridge to Old Town. Just across the bridge you'll find the famous (by Czech standards) Slavia Cafe. It's broad windows offer a great view of the castle and the river - a perfect hideaway when it's snowing.
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