Prague, where a wall isn't just a wall


If you dig old fortifications of any kind, then there are parts of Prague you certainly shouldn't miss. One of my favorite areas of Prague is just above Strahov Monastery. There's an enormous wall here that runs up the back of Petrin hill with a variety of other brick walls connecting nearby. At times, parts of the wall seem out of place especially near the huge Strahov Stadium. But this is Prague where incredibly tall brick walls aren't so unusual.

Just imagine, how many bricks are just in this one photo. And, were those handmade?!
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Morning Coffee


There's nothing like a cup of coffee in a Prague cafe. I saw this gentleman idling away in a cafe near the National Theater.

Newspaper. Matchbox. Cup and Saucer.
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Prague View


A woman has her picture taken high above Petrin near Strahov Monastery. This view is rarely seen by tourists. Honestly, not many people come here at all. We won't complain though. It's a great spot to sit on one of the benches and just enjoy the view. It takes a little more effort to get here, but well, as you can see it's well worth it.

That's St. Vitus Cathedral rising above Prague Castle and the dome of St. Nicholas' Church on the righthand side.
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Communism Motif in Prague


Prague is still dotted with a few architectural reflections of communism. These were taken near Dejvice, an area just outside of the historical center.

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Prague Key Sculpture


Lots of keys. Man, that's a lot of keys. This sculpture was built to comemorate the recent anniversary of democracy in Czech Republic. People symbolically rang their keys in the streets of Prague as communism fell in 1989.

This sculpture is a few steps off Old Town Square near St. Nicholas' Church.
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Prague Threshold


I've always been fascinated by the unique doorways and thresholds throughout Prague. How come we don't build these cool things any more? Of course the ones in Prague can be a bit heavy in size and feeling, but I like the symbolic nature of such things.
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Attention, Frogs in Prague!


One thing we love about Prague is the surprise you find ever so often. Take for example this sign in Petrin. At first glance we thought it would say keep off the grass or something ordinary, but no, it states Attention, frogs! (Pozor zaby). Yes, it's springtime and yes this huge green space in central Prague is filled with wildlife. Along with plenty of lovers kissing under the cherry blossoms, we saw huge frogs and a beautiful pheasant.
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