Water's Edge

Last week the Vltava River swelled with our warmer temperatures. Spots on Kampa Island were quite high as well. Of course, it wasn't a flood - but eerie nevertheless.

In this photo you can see the water at the wall's edge. This is the embankment with Manes gallery in the background. This is actually a great place to walk, feed the swans and see the river at a different perspective. You can also see Prague Castle through the trees. And, if you have time, by all means check out the PLAY exhibition at the gallery. It's intended for children, but it's fun for all people. It's a wonderful blend of exploration, art and imagination. It's been extended to 20 Feb 2011. Manes Gallery.

If you walk along the embankment you can see plenty of other sights too including Prague's famous Dancing House nearby.

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